The Best Bluetooth Earphones for Running. What are the Top Earphones for Running in 2021?

If you go on frequent runs and jogs, you already know the importance of good music to keep you focused and concentrated. Well, good music will only be possible with good running earphones. The best Bluetooth earphones for running would not only keep your mind occupied on the track but also help boost your performance.

How We Chose the Best Earphones for Running?

It is imperative that your pair of running earphones are water and sweat resistance. Running sessions are prone to sweaty ears and possibly rain, depending on your location. No matter the wetness of its surroundings, the top running earphones are sure to stay in place and don't bounce, rub, or come loose while you jog and sprint your way to optimal fitness.

running wireless headphones

Another criterion for our selection was the gear's battery life that will last you at least a jog session or two. Last, but not the least, we also made it a point to only chose wireless earbuds that boasted the best sound quality, duh.

The Types of Running Earbuds

Generally speaking, there are three types of bluetooth running earphones.

Truly Wireless

These buds have neither connecting wires nor hooks that extend around your ear; you just push them in and go. Being compact makes them lightweight, and their small batteries means shorter runtimes, although all of our test models came with charging cases that allow you to juice them up on the go. They also tend to be the most expensive. 

Truly Wireless With Ear Hooks

Adding a hook can improve an earbud’s fit, since there’s a second point of contact to hold it in place. The hook can also store antennae or a battery, helping these buds play longer than their truly wireless counterparts. They’re generally marginally cheaper than truly wireless models, but some cost more than $200 anyway. 

Wire-Connected Earbuds

These earbuds are still untethered from your phone, but they use a wire or band to connect the buds and store batteries, microphones, or an antenna. If you can get past the connecting wire, you’ll enjoy better battery life (eight or more hours, compared to four from truly wireless) and a significantly lower price.

3 Best Bluetooth Earphones for Running

We checked out the best running earphones in 2021 and shortlisted the ones that stayed in place no matter how vigorous the exertion while simultaneously boasting a great price to performance ratio.

1. BoAt Airdopes 441

BoAt Airdopes 441

If you remember our article on the best wireless earbuds under 3000 rupees, you'll remember the Airdopes 441. Snug and comfortable, the buds have a fantastic build quality that is sure to last countless of track sessions. The build is also modern and sleek and is sure to up your style.

The wireless earbuds do not compromise on sound quality either. They come with a 6 mm driver which offers exceptional sound balance for an immersive experience with crystal clear vocals and the perfect amount of trebles and bass. While the buds aren't advertised as being noise cancelling, they do a pretty good job at cancelling out outside noise passively.

BoAt Airdopes 441

The TWS Airdopes 441 will give you around 5 hours of playback and can be charged around 3-4 times with the case that requires 2 hours to get fully charged. The case is durable, well-designed and, portable as well! With Instant wake and pair technology, these earbuds are ready to pair once you open the lid. The IPX7 rating for water and sweat resistance also amps its security.

2. Techfire HBS 730 

Techfire HBS 730

Techfire's HBS 730 is a neckband hands-free headset that is sweat proof and water resistant. The ultra-light elastic memory material makes it easy to carry and wear while running. Talking about wearing, the headset has a snug fit. On a single charge, the wireless headphones give about 8 hours of playback time.

When receiving a call, the headset vibrates. You can use it to redial the last number, transfer a call, put a call on wait, and even voice dial. The Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity ensures a seamless and lag free experience.

Techfire HBS 730

It must be said that while the Techfire HBS 730 does a good job as far as its skip-free stereo sound quality and handsfree features are concerned, the build quality isn't exactly the best. Overall, the earphones are great for the price point, though.

3. Sennheiser CX Sport

Sennheiser CX Sport

We can never mention earphones and not talk about Sennheiser now, can we? Its CX Sport may be expensive when compared to other options on the list, but they are one of the best wireless headsets that are specifically made for runners.  

With a lively, bass-heavy presentation, and a comfortable fit, the Sennheiser CX Sport wireless earphones can really bolster your running performance through sound quality alone.

Sennheiser CX Sport

The inclusion of ear fins and sporty neon color scheme gives them a sporty design that is stylish. With a battery life of six hours, they're great for your average running session, or even your daily commute.


With that, we'll take our leave. We hope our list of the best Bluetooth earphones for running proved to be helpful. Do check out our online store for some amazing deals on wireless earbuds and find affordable ones that will suit your taste and preferences.

Happy Shopping!



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