4 Benefits of Wireless Earbuds - Why do You Need Them in 2021?

Practicality and portability. The best wireless earbuds on the market offer some amazing features. Being small enough to fit in your pocket and store anywhere is one of them.

Let's look at what these bad boys are all about and some of the core benefits that these wireless earphones provide. These benefits make them a necessity for everyone in 2021.

What Are True Wireless Earbuds?

Wireless buds

Wireless earbuds are a type of earbuds that have no wires attached to them and are connected through Bluetooth. Now, as we have stepped into the era of technology with everything depending on modern technology and going wireless, earbud technology is following the same path. Truly wireless earbuds make use of radio, satellite as well as infrared waves to work. It doesn’t have a chord that you have to hang around your neck like normal wireless earbuds

They are thus completely free of any cables or connectors that link both of the earpieces together, whereas just wireless earbuds are still connected in some way (either over-head ones or around the back of the neck like many sports sets).

We’ve all been there. You’re set to head out or get the urge to listen to the next chapter of your audiobook, so you get your headphones out and . . . they’re tangled beyond all recognition. The wires are knotted together in a thousand different ways and attempting to untangle them is like trying to solve a Rubik’s cube with the added challenge that it actually fights back.

Few things in life are as frustrating as trying to unknot your headphones, and before long the hassle of trying to undo them has sucked the enjoyment out of your listening experience. Or, once you do untangle them and are working out, walking outside, or performing any other simple daily activity . . . they snag on something, get pulled out, and your listening experience is ruined all over again. This is when you start questioning your choices and wonder if there’s a better solution out there.

Luckily, this issue has been solved and the answer is true wireless earbuds. With this new innovation currently taking over the market by storm, many smartphones are now choosing to not even feature traditional headphone jacks to promote their own proprietary products, making wired headphones a thing of the past like the Tamagotchi and those cassette players you might have buried somewhere deep in your attic.

There are plenty of reasons why this is the case, but before we get to that, there are important differences that you need to know before taking the plunge and purchasing some true wireless earbuds. The first of these things you’ll need to know may sound pretty obvious, but it’s that wireless and true wireless earbuds are actually quite different. The important distinction to make here is that true wireless earbuds are completely free of any cables or connectors that link both of the earpieces together, whereas just wireless earbuds are still connected in some way (either over-head ones or around the back of the neck like many sports sets).

With that covered, let’s see what makes true wireless earbuds so beneficial.

Go Handsfree!Tangled earbuds

Do you hate untangling the wires of your earphones every time you use them? Would you like to walk and run without worrying about bulky wires dangling on the side? Well, look no further than wireless earbuds.

wireless earbuds

With one of these bad boys in your possessions, you’ll be able to do things handsfree. Answer calls without picking up your phone. Play and pause your favourite music tracks without even touching your device. That's the magic of wireless earbuds!

wireless earbuds

The lack of a bulky wire also makes it easier to use the headphones on the go. Listening to music while walking down the street or exercising will never be easier. There is also no threat of the earbuds getting violently pulled out of your ear because they got caught on something. We know how much you hate that!

Rich Sound

It's a myth that wireless earphones provide inferior sound due to the absence of wires. Trust us when we say that you'll be experiencing some of the most immersive and rich sound quality with a wireless earbud plugged in your ears.

rich sound

The best wireless earbuds even come with noise cancellation and bass boosting technologies. Search ones out that boast that when in market for one. It's also amazing how far Bluetooth technology has come in today's age. Vastly improved sounds and a lag free experience. That's our promise!


No money? no problem.

happy face

Advancements in technology put the man on the moon. It now has also made it cheap for developers to integrate their earbuds with Bluetooth technology. The result? Pretty cheap wireless earphones that cost almost the same as good quality wires ones.

wireless earbuds

Wireless earbuds price range does vary from brand to brand and often higher price tags come with better features.

Sweat and Water Resistance


Most people have a habit of using earbuds while in the gym or jogging. These are heavy physical exercises that make one sweat. So, for this, we require sweatproof earbuds, and truly wireless earbuds are a perfect choice as they are sweatproof. For people who love music and physical exercise, truly wireless earbuds are a must-have.  Along with being sweatproof, truly wireless earbuds are waterproof too. It’s definitely like a cherry on top, isn't it?


How can we forget the swag that earbuds bring with them? Thanks to their sleek and sophisticated design, wireless earbuds will up your styling game. They are a definite step up from having bulky wires hanging all around the place and looking like a loser.

 stylish earbuds

With that set, we'd like to take leave. Hope you enjoyed the content. Do check out our online store for some amazing deals on wireless earbuds and find affordable ones that will suit your taste and preferences. You can check out our full list of the best wireless earbuds in 2021 right here!

Happy Shopping!



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