The Best Earphones for Small Ears. The Best Earbuds for Small Ear Canals in 2021

Finding a pair of earphones for small ears that fit well can be hard. We understand that most earbuds have considerably large in ears that put pressure on your small ears. Whether it is listening to music or watching a movie, earphones are meant to create enjoyment and not fatigue.

So, we would like to solve this problem of yours. Say hello to the best earbuds for small ears in 2021. These ultra-slim in-ears boast small enough earbuds that don't touch the outer parts of the ear canal and boast amazing price to performance ratios.

3 Best Earphones for Small Ears

We checked out dozens of earphones and earbuds and found these three to be the best ones that you can buy if you want ones that fit well comfortably on small ears.

1. Final Audio E3000

Final Audio E3000

The Final Audio E3000 may be the smallest earbuds on our list, but they deliver big time when it comes to sound quality. The deep bass and smooth midrange is impeccable when it comes to detail. If we had to pick one pair of earphones for small ears as our top pick, it would surely be the Final Audio E3000. They are truly all you will ever need.

Final Audio E3000

For people with small ears, they are nothing short of a godsend. The small barrel means that your outer ear's shape won’t obstruct them, and they can basically go straight to your canal. The E3000 also comes with the best Eartips in the game (Final E tips), so once you put them in, you should have no problem getting a secure fit.

2. Beats urBeats3

Beats urBeats3

The Beats urBeats3 earphones are our second pick when it comes to earbuds for small ears. The build quality is decent, and they boast a rubberised design that has flat cables. Overall, the earphones do seem durable and long lasting. They're also lightweight, portable, and come with four different sizes of ear tips, so you can easily find the fit that works best for you.

Beats urBeats3

Beats urBeats3 have a slightly bass-heavy sound profile with a touch of extra thump and rumble that fans of EDM and hip-hop are sure to enjoy. We must also praise the mid-range which is amazingly well-balanced and ensures detail and accuracy in vocals and lead instruments.

Sadly, the earbuds lack active noise cancellation and are also not so compatible on Android devices. The in-line controls are only fully compatible with iOS devices so if you have an iPhone and small ears, these are the buds for you!

3. Shure SE215

Shure SE215

Do you like your earphones tough and able to withstand a beating? Well, look no further than the Shure SE215. They don't have an in-line remote or mic like the Beats urBeats3 Earphones, and their sound profile isn't as well-balanced, but they're more comfortable and feel quite a bit more durable.

Shure SE215

The angled design fits the contours of your ears better and is also quite stylish. The nine different ear tips that come with the buds means you are sure to find the best possible fit, which is a ton. Sadly, the vocals on these bad boys sound a bit muddy so they aren't the best choice for vocal-centric content. The extra bass in the earphones will be appreciated by fans of EDM though.

4. Samsung AKG Type-C

Samsung AKG Type-C earbuds can truly be termed as being the best cheap earphones for small ears. They have a comfortable design that shouldn't feel too fatiguing after long listening sessions. They're well-built, have a solid and durable design, and come with three sets of ear tips to help you find a suitable fit.

samsung akg

Instead of a typical 1/8" connector, they use a USB-C connector which allows you to connect them to newer smartphones and some computers. Thanks to this connection, they have low audio latency, so you can stream videos without worrying about syncing issues. They also have a fairly neutral sound profile suitable for lots of audio content, and fans of bass-heavy genres like EDM and hip-hop may especially enjoy their touch of extra boom.

samsung akg

Unfortunately, you can only use them with devices with a USB-C port, which some users may find limiting. They also lack sound customization features like an EQ and can fall out of your ears if you're using them during physical activity. That said, these simple headphones have a versatile sound profile at a wallet-friendly price, which is sure to please most users.

How We Chose the Best Earbuds for Small Ears?

Pretty obvious really, fit is undoubtedly the most important thing when it comes to choosing the right-sized earbuds for you. The best earbuds for small ears should rest in your ears without falling out or feeling uncomfortable during or after use. But how are you supposed to know if a pair will work before you stick them in your ears? When researching this guide, we looked for earbuds that can be customized to fit your ear, as well as earbuds that come with a range of tip sizes to find the best fitting buds for you.

Keep in mind that the earbuds should rest normally in your ear canal — you shouldn’t have to push them in to make them fit. A good pair of earbuds for small ears should form a tight seal immediately after you place them in your ears. If you find yourself constantly adjusting the buds as you move, they’re likely too big for you. Try sizing down to a smaller ear tip.


We hope our list of the best earbuds for small ears proved to be helpful. Do check out our online store for some amazing deals on all kinds of earbuds and find affordable ones that will suit your taste and preferences.

Happy Shopping!


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