The Best Earphones for PUBG Mobile

Every avid PUBG player knows the importance of hearing footsteps to detect enemy presence. It will not be an understatement to say that having good earphones when playing the game will enhance your play and help you get those oh-so-lovely chicken dinners!

We checked out dozens of earphones for PUBG Mobile, consulted pro PUBG players and read hundreds of reviews. The result? Well, we shortlisted the three best earphones for PUBG mobile that are sure to improve your overall performance.

3 Best Earphones for PUBG Mobile

Our top picks are sure to last long and boast some amazing features that are sure to up your PUBG game and get you that chicken dinner!

1. Skyfly Xbot

Skyfly Xbot

This is our top picked earphone for PUBG mobile since it boasts the best price to performance ratio and has all the features which PUBG players need. The Skyfly Xbot has very low latency so expect zero audio lag. The Dual Drivers mean crystal clear sound of footsteps and bullets while the dual mics will provide you with a seamless chat experience with your best buds during a session of PUBG.

Skyfly Xbot

Lightweight and comfortable, the sweat proof earphones boast a gold plated “L” shaped audio jack for better grip on mobile phone while playing the game. The high-quality wire is great for long time use and the earbuds are fitted with memory foam in-ear tips for passive noise cancellation. The Skyfly Xbot provides everything that a PUBG player needs at a price that is unbeatable.

2. Realme Buds 2

Realme Buds 2

Realme has got your back with a pair of earphones that are professionally made while being best budget earphones for PUBG mobile. The Realme Buds 2 are compatible with all Android devices with its standard 3.5mm audio jack connectivity option. What makes this earphone a unique choice for PUBG players is its 11.2mm bass boost drivers that deliver exceptional and accurate bass response.

Realme Buds 2

The built-in mic works like a charm and is great for chatting with your sqaud mates while the stylish and durable cable of the earphones are sure to last hundreds of game sessions. The built-in earbuds also have magnets and a beautiful strap to wear it comfortably. The matte finish design looks attractive and extra slick.

3. Sennheiser CX 275 S

 Sennheiser CX 275 S

The ergonomic design on these bad boys is sure to up your style game while simultaneously upping your PUBG game. The Sennheiser CX 275 S boasts all the features that PUBG players need like low latency and great audio. Also, let's not forget the level of trust that comes with a brand name like Sennheiser. The premium-end earphones are backed by 2 years of international warranty! Amazing, no?

The in-ear design of the earphones makes it more comfortable to wear without getting tired during long sessions. The high-power dynamic drivers deliver exceptional sound quality that ensures you hear every bullet and foot step. The ear- adaptors of different sizes are also included to wear it comfortably and give you the option to replace the ear-adaptors to match with your ear canal.

Sennheiser CX 275 S

The durable and high-quality earphones also come with a convenient carrying pouch. You can easily store it and can take to anywhere you go with no hassle. The earphones are compatible with all types of devices as it comes with a standard 3.5 mm audio jack connectivity option.

How to Choose the Best Earbuds for PUBG Mobile?

Noise Isolation 

Noise Isolation refers to blocking out any external noise and clean passage of audio through earbuds to give you an isolated listening experience. The buds will thus isolate you and the audio you’re listening to from the world around you by physically blocking external sounds from entering your ear. Just by being fitted properly in your ear, in-ear style earbuds will automatically offer some noise isolation. Some products will “isolate” better than other, as you can see in the product details above, but the shape and purpose of earbuds to be held snugly in your ear canal lends itself to noise isolation!

Some earbuds, depending on their design, quality, and the material used in those squishy tips, do a better job than others at blocking out external noise. If you think of the the white ipod/iphone earbuds that we’re all familiar with, those aren’t designed to fit in the ear canal-- they’re too large, and the material they’re made of is too hard. Both of which are things you want to look out for when choosing the right earbuds for you. A good noise isolating earbud is like an earplug with a tiny speaker in it.

Noise Cancellation

Noise Cancelling, on the other hand, refers to a technology to counter any noise produced from the outside and provide clear audio. Earbuds with this feature can cancel out certain sound around you by listening to the “bad” noise and then creating “good” sound waves of their own to counteract it-- thus cancelling the bad noise. Because of the design/purpose of them to fit directly in your ear canal, many earbuds are BOTH noise isolating and noise cancelling.

Earbuds equipped with noise cancelling technology actually have an additional microphone behind the speaker in the ear piece. This microphone detects the wavelength of incoming ambient noise, inverts that wave length, and then adds it to the sound being pumped into your ears. The result is a simulation of being in a much quieter place.

Sound Profile

Ideally, you’d want strong bass and strong treble with a solid middle ground in between so that no sounds get drowned out. Simple, right? Gaming earbuds with the best sound profiles, like the ones mentioned in our article, help you hear better and thus play better.

That's all from us. We hope our article proved useful to you. If you really want to buy best earphone for PUBG, check out Ninipod store and get ready for your chicken dinner.

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